Aerial drone photography and videography have become an integral part in real estate marketing. From showcasing luxury listings to simply presenting the true layout of a large tract of land, the images/video from above present striking views and will entice your buyer's interest in the property even further.

Meet our FAA certified drone operator - Vince. Having a broad experience in still photography, he will make sure all aspects and features of your listing will be featured in your drone footage. In addition, by completing the licensing requirements of the Federal Aviation Administration, he has a working knowledge of the rules and regulations of drone usage and will choose the best method and pattern to present your listing.

Typical drone session with us includes a few lift-offs during which video footage is captured in a 4K Video Mode, together with a variety of stills. Typical height of the lift-off is between 150 to 300 feet, not to exceed 400 ft per FAA rules. However, the 400 ft are recommended for very large tracts of land and usually focus on the topography of the land.

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